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Bringing art in your life.
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Mindful art

90 minutes of creative release for all ages guided by art techniques and backed with scientific measurement for mental fitness.

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youth Academy

Training the young to freely explore their imagination and approach life with thought provoking creativity,

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art spaces

Artist created refreshing and feel good art that evoke creative thinking within everyday living and work spaces.

Mindful art workshops

open your world to a world of art

art workshops for all

Structured yet free flowing workshops for individuals, families, groups and more. With artist guidance, everyone creates a masterpiece that is unique to them in these artist led sessions.

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team building with art

Workshop series using art as a medium to lower stress in the workforce; backed by proven theories and measured results. Because; a stress free team is a productive team.

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artezen youth academy

nurturing young creatives

Start them off on a journey of expression.

"Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future." - Nelson Mandela
Children are unafraid to be creative. This fearless attitude can be nurtured to be with them for a lifetime through workshops and events. Invest in their future early to build their sustainable living for tomorrow.

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art spaces

make a statement with art in your living space

wall coverings

Artist created murals and abstracts that go beyond the mundane wallpapering to create unique spaces with personality. Spaces that speak volumes and inspire life.

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photo backdrops

Artist painted and textured backdrops for product, food and other photography. Perfect for professional photographers, home chefs and avid Instagrammers.

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artezen retreat

breathe in colors of nature

Coming soon in 2022.

"Art is a harmony parallel with nature." - Paul Cezanne
Away from the urban jungle, set in a sustainable urban farm, is this day retreat that takes inspiration from colors, sounds and freshness of nature.
Currently open for private events. Stay tuned for further updates.

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