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Live the Artezen Life.
Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ―  Pablo Picasso

Mindful art

"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing." - Marc Chagall.
There's value in pouring your heart out. It leads to honest expression. And honest expression unburdens the mind leading to mental fitness. That is why every Artezen Art Fitness Workshop works on the principle of letting the heart drive vs. the head. The smiles and expressions of our participants says it all. Take a peek.

For your TeAM

for your team

65% of the workforce claims work is a significant source of stress. Companies spend billions on absenteeism due to stress. Our workshops are designed to proactively lower stress and refresh, thus leading to increased productivity.

For your health

for your health

Research shows that when Art accompanies medicine, ailments are treated faster. Our team of artists and psychologists are here to team with doctors to custom create programs that can expedite patient recoveries.

For your everyday

for your everyday

Over half of Gen Z is diagnosed with mental illness and Millennials are drowning in depression. We can lower this statistic and help the world lead a mentally fit and sustainable life by bringing Art to your everyday routine.

How it Works

  • All workshops run anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes and no prior art experience is required for participation.
  • Workshops can be hosted either in person and on site; or virtually over a video conference.
  • Materials for the workshop will be provided unless otherwise noted. In that case an 'easy to find materials list' will be provided ahead of the workshop.
  • All workshops are structured in consultation with psychologists to evoke calmness and happiness in participants.
  • All workshops are led by an Artezen Certified artists who nurture the inner creativity of participants to let them create art that is as unique as their personality.
  • Most importantly, all workshops come with the Artezen Experience Quotient that provides mood measurements before and after the workshop.
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2021 open to all workshops

  1. May 14th
    FREE: Unravel Travel
  2. May 16th
    FREE: Artezen-tangle
  3. May 29th
    FREE: Flowing rivers & floating florals
  4. May 30th
    FREE: Texturing and abstracting
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Coming Soon
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